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About Eram Madarsa and Model Schools

Madarsa is a place of learning, especially of Islamic teachings. For centuries, these Madarsas have produced, Islamic Scholars. But absorbing such graduates in other professions was a problem. The govt. therefore started a scheme of modernizing Madrasas, where besides Arabic & Persian curriculum, teaching of modern subjects such as English, Science, Mathematics, Commerce & Computers was also started.

As regards, of Eram Educational Society, its Founder Dr. K.S.M. Yunus, after relinquishing its charge in Deeni Talimi Council in 1972, started his own Madrasa, Eram Model Niswan School in Takia Azam Beg, Baroodkhana, Lucknow. The same was recognized by U.P. Madarsa Board. Allahabad. It gradually developed and has now classes from Ibtadiya (Primary) to Aliya (High School). Here Munshi, Alim, Kamil, Fazil of Persian and Molvi, Alim, Kamil, Fazil. more...