Short history of Eram Convent School

First we designed the curriculum, then we built the school. So many school do it the other way round. They construct an attractive building and find out too late that the rooms are too small or wrongly shaped. Cramped classroom may be appropriate to old - fashioned schools, where the students too frequently sit passively in rows and listen to lectures. Modern learning demands generous spaces in which furniture can be arranged to reflect different methodologies: groups for projects works, circle for discussion and so on. The classroom which are airy give the teacher room to support, facilitate, stimulate and direct. The Campus has a big activity hall - 15,000 sq.ft. equipped with the present day gadgets. This hall also provides a place where the children can give their expression a free reign. Entertainment films will also be screened in this hall.

'A healthy mind makes a healthy body'. Hygiene and cleanliness are given priority at Eram Convent School. R.O. water systems, lush green ambience, colourful and spacious rooms adds to its attraction.