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                                                  SSR of Eram Girls Degree College
A National Seminar organized by Eram Girls Degree College with the collaboration of the Deptt. of Education, Lucknow university is going to be held on September 20, 2015. Click here for details


Photo Gallery

  • Date : 23-Aug-2016
    Title : Farewell Party (BTC Batch 2013)

  • Date : 28-Apr-2016
    Title : Class Presentation (I Paper) (BTC Batch 2014- 2nd

  • Date : 01-Apr-2016
    Title : Commencement of Classes (BTC Batch 2014- 2nd Semes

  • Date : 23-Jul-2016
    Title : Monthly Test

  • Date : 20-Sep-2015
    Title : National Seminar

  • Date : 11-Aug-2015
    Title : Orientation Program

  • Date : 10-Aug-2015
    Title : Felicitation Program

  • Date : 23-Mar-2015
    Title : Scout Camp

  • Date : 21-Feb-2015
    Title : Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

  • Date : 14-Nov-2014
    Title : Art Competition

  • Date : 06-Nov-2014
    Title : Counselling Day Batch 2014

  • Date : 14-Nov-2014
    Title : Children Day

Mr. Khwaja Razmi Yunus ( Joint Secretary )

The foundation of subjects relevant to professional studies are truly laid in the previous period, referred to as +2 or HSC level, spent at the junior or intermediate college. In today's competitive scenario it is imperative that the educational institutions offering higher education have to ensure that the students get an extra edge in this regard. It is here that the institutes play a vital role. In this perspective the Eram Education Society has taken care to offer the 'extra edge' through various initiatives aimed at going beyond the text books.

The sector of education, which is intimately connected with human resource development, has to consider the ramifications of the emerging challenges and develop an educational model which is both responsive and comprehensive - covering all aspects of education. In the last few years of existence, I have seen the school grow from strength to strength and today it is one of the premiere institution Lucknow, providing to its students an environment conducive to overall development and learning. We are constantly making an endeavour to habituate students in the right mode of conduct, thus strengthening their character. The school assembly, the curricular and co-curriular activities, celebrations of festivals and international days, clubs, Interact and social outreach programmes all are geared towards the dissemination of "Human" Values, apart from the focus on academic excellence which has always been one of our prime concerns.