About Eram Society

Today EES is focused on following main educational areas: Medicine, Management, Teachers Training Institutions, Pharmacy, Humanities, Computer Training Centres & Life Sciences and Madrasa Education. The institutions offer both foundation courses in these areas, as well as specialization with a Bachelors/ Masters Degree.

EES campuses, together, comprise over millions of square feet in built up area and acres of generous, open grounds. Combine years of experience in education with a unique curriculum excellent infrastructure, with a committed responsive faculty, unwavering commitment to the quality of education, today EES has more than 20,000 students, spread across 36 different campuses in Lucknow and Barabanki which include a Medical College (B.U.M.S.) with 300 bed hospital in Kursi Road, Lucknow. All our campuses incorporate infrastructure that matches the best in the country ensuring that students have everything they need for a rich, stimulating campus life. The classrooms are planned to maximize light and space and students have access to the latest computing and research facilities. Be it cutting-edge laboratories for our medical students or fully equipped workshops for our science and management students. We endeavor to develop and provide supporting infrastructure everywhere. Outside the classroom, secure hostels and modern cafeterias provide comfortable on-campus living, while excellent sports and recreation facilities give every student the opportunity to explore and develop their potential.

The EES Mission

To provide students with a sense of cultural history, an understanding of values and ethics, transformation into a law abiding citizen alongwith an analytical inquiring mind.

The EES Quality Policy

To nurture students into highly skilled human resources with the skills to adapt to a technologically and intellectually changing environment with active participation of all the stakeholders.