Late Dr. Khwaja Syed Mohd. Yunus

(04.02.1939 – 04.03.2019)

Founder Manager of Eram Educational Society,

Indira Nagar Lucknow was an author of 70 books.

He was bestowed with 3 President awards for his services in educational field.

He revolved his life according to the following Urdu couplet-

Mita de apni hasti ko agar kuch martaba chahe

Ki dana khak mein milkar gul-e-gulzar hota hai

Humbly he would epitomize his services with the couplet-

Sab kuch hoon magar kuch bhi nahi hoon Yunus

Hasti ki kahani hai kahani meri


Manager Late Dr. Razmi Yunus

"Value based quality education at affordable cost is the need of the hour. An institution is made by qualified, experienced and devoted Teachers, who can make their students worthy of being a proud resource for the nation."

Manager Khwaja Bazmi Yunus

"Teaching needs to make our students not only job-seekers, but visionary leaders bestowed with love for humanity and the motherland."

Director Er. Khwaja Syed Faizi Yunus

"In today's competitive scenario it is imperative that the educational institutions offering higher education ensure that the students get an extra edge in sync with the current market demands."

Secretary Er. Khwaja Saifi Yunus

"The whole purpose of education is for all individuals to learn and grow as better individuals. The need of the hour is to help our children become independent thinkers and develop integrated personalities."